S S MEMON AND CO. is a firm of Tax Consultant, Ahmedabad in India. We accept local & distant client. We aim to deliver a high level of client service and satisfaction with our expert technical abilities combined with creativity and responsiveness. Our area of service includes both, Traditional services as well as New Age IT enabled services of a Tax Consultant firm. We emphasize on the concept that clients should concentrate on his core business activities. Their focus should not be deviated from these core business activities. All the non-core jobs such as Accounting/Book-Keeping, GST, IT, Payroll & other work of similar nature should be outsourced to us to derive the better results at lesser cost. And We will be your dedicated, reliable & committed employee providing accounts process services enabling you to concentrate on your core business strategies. The firm operates through an office in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with a motto to maintain ethical, professional & technical standards as well as operating, training & quality control procedures. In order to assure that We meet our commitment to reliable and quality service, S.S. MEMON AND CO. has proprietary procedures with respect to the quality of our work. These procedures are designed to provide reasonable assurance that, in performing services, our personnel will be competent, objective, and will exercise due professional care.


The firm was established in 2017 by Mr. Sarfraj Memon (Tax Consultant). After successfully establishing the practice in India for 5 years, We have developed a wide infrastructure and technical base in 2017 to undertake work in overseas market. The firm has been set up to serve clients of stature. The office is staffed by a combination of local recruits and experienced personnel trained with them.


Our mission is growth of our people and growth of the clients we serve as we believe growth is life.


-> To provide the best possible service to our clients in a knowledgeable and competent manner.
-> To provide reliable, timely and efficient service.
-> To provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that help clients reach their goals.
-> To retain a close identity and personal relationship with all clients, no matter how large or small.
-> To maintain our integrity and independence in the conduct of all our activities.
-> To gain professional respect and reputation for our firm as well as for each our team members.
-> To contribute our fair share of skills, abilities, time, and knowledge to our profession and community.
-> To have a pleasant, stimulating, and profitable operation.
-> To maintain a balanced approach to work and family.


-> Accountants are trained on Indian accounting and tax software's such as Tally, Tax Suit and etc.
-> PIV - Intel based machines networked on a 100 mbps LAN, NAS etc.
-> A secured network ensuring confidentiality of data.


We understand your concern about the risks of outsourcing bookkeeping & accounting services to India and thus maintain high standards of confidentiality and security with the help of appropriate procedures in place to prevent any unauthorized release of confidential client information. We adhere to the firm’s stringent security policy & procedures.